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Advances in contemporary transcultural nursing: Pathways of cultural awareness (2nd edn)

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Product Description

Edited by Akram Omeri and Marilyn McFarland

Published: 2008
ISBN: 978-0-9757710-5-1
Pages: xii+212


Nurses are facing new challenges in a culturally diverse world. This issue provides a timely opportunity to reflect on some of these challenges and on the ways in which nurses might respond effectively to them. It also provides a timely reminder of the importance and moral imperatives of the theory and practice of transcultural nursing and its emphasis on care as a universal, but diverse culturally constructed phenomenon, that lies at the heart of nursing research, education, and practice.

Leader and founder of the discipline of Transcultural Nursing, Madeleine Leininger, introduces the contents which report on evidence-based research, leadership and the application of TN principles to inform, improve and advance culture-care practices in diverse nursing and health care practice settings. The issue builds upon existing knowledge for academics, clinicians, researchers and nurse leaders in a true journey of cultural awareness.

Featured in this special issue are 24 research articles, editorials and commentaries, providing the expert opinion and research findings of transcultural nurse specialists, and demonstrating the undivided commitment of transcultural nurse generalists to ongoing research and development of this important topic.

Nursing educators, leaders and present and future students will benefit from the focus of this issue as a further basis for exploring Transcultural Nursing into the future.


Table of Contents

Madeleine M Leininger
ix-xi   Preface: Pathways of Cultural Awareness
Akram Omeri

Transcultural Nursing Leadership and Education

1-2   Editorial: The state of transcultural nursing global leadership and education
Linda J Luna, June Miller
3-11   The role of RCNA in promoting transcultural nursing as a discipline of study, research, practice and management in Australia
Rosemary B Bryant, Elizabeth R Foley, Elizabeth C Percival
13-16   Commentary: Global leadership in transcultural nursing practice, education and research
Margaret M Andrews
17-22   Exemplar: Developing a new Bachelor of Nursing Course responsive to Australia’s culturally diverse community
Lynette M Raymond
23-36   Use of the Culture Care Theory and Ethnonursing Method to discover how nursing faculty teach culture care
Sandra J Mixer
37-44   Cultural competency of graduating US Bachelor of Science nursing students
Suzan Kardong-Edgren, Josepha Campinha-Bacote

Application of Transcultural Nursing Theory and Models to Practice

45-47   Editorial: Transcultural nursing theory and models: The challenges of application
Irena Papadopoulos, Akram Omeri
48-63   Culture Care Theory: A proposed practice theory guide for nurse practitioners in primary care settings
Marilyn M McFarland, Marilyn K Eipperle
64-72   A partnership of a Catholic faith-based health system, nursing and traditional American Indian medicine practitioners
Ann O Hubbert
74-82   Lebanese cancer patients: Communication and truth telling preferences
Myrna Abi Abdallah Doumit, Huda Huijer Abu-Saad
83-97   Bridging generic and professional care practices for Muslim patients through use of Leininger’s Culture Care Modes
Hiba Wehbe-Alamah

Transcultural Nursing Research: Where is the Evidence?

98-100   Editorial: Towards a Culturally Competent Nurse Workforce
Rhonda D Griffiths AM, John Daly
101-110   Expectations and experiences of recently recruited overseas qualified nurses in Australia
Scott Brunero, Julie Smith, Emma Bates
111-118   A reflection on culture over time by Baccalaureate nursing students
Hendrika J Maltby
119-128   Integrative simulation: A novel approach to educating culturally competent nurses
Carolyn M Rutledge, Phyllis Barham, Lynn Wiles, Richardean S Benjamin, Phyllis Eaton, Kay Palmer
129-140   Cultural competence in action for CAMHS: Development of a cultural competence assessment tool and training programme
Irena Papadopoulos, Mary Tilki, Savita Ayling
141-148   Cultural desire: ‘Caught or ‘taught’?
Josepha Campinha-Bacote
149-161   Perception of nursing care: Views of Saudi Arabian female nurses
Jette Mebrouk

Global Agenda in Transcultural Nursing

162-164   Editorial: Transcultural Nursing: The global agenda
Marilyn 'Marty' Douglas, Juliene G Lipson
165-172   Culture-specific care for Indigenous people: A primary health care perspective
Anne M McMurray, Rani Param
173-188   The significance of a culturally appropriate health service for Indigenous Māori women
Denise Wilson
189-197   Nursing care of vulnerable populations using a framework of cultural competence, social justice and human rights
Dula F Pacquiao
198-206   Nurses on the move: Diversity and the work environment
Mireille Kingma
207-210   Epilogue: Advancing Transcultural Nursing Through Collaboration
Akram Omeri

Book Reviews

211   Culture Care Diversity and Universality: A Worldwide Nursing Theory
Madeleine M Leininger and Marilyn R Mcfarland (eds)
Reviewed by Rick Zoucha
212   Transcultural Concepts in Nursing Care (5th Edn)
Margaret M Andrews and Joyceen S Boyle
Reviewed by Sandra J Mixer

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