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Education's new timespace: Visions from the present

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Product Description

By Bernadette Baker, Madonna Tucker, Chi-hung Ng

Published: 2000
ISBN: 978-0-9586571-4-3
Pages: vi+176
Imprint: Post Pressed


What is education's new timespace? What are the boundaries for imagining that distinguish the educational field in the late 1990s? Education's New Timespace: visions from the present is an eclectic ensemble of educational research that speaks to the possibilities and limits which constitute the educational field. It is a collection of cutting edge work that travels between divergent visions of life in a post-Post era, sketching out new research languages for expressing the complexities of educational endeavours.

The five sections, Refiguring Educational Truths, Reconceptualising Curricula, Reworking Teachers' Work, Relearning Learning and Reminding Authority(ies) present the commonalities and differences that are available within and across national contexts and educational themes. Traversing Australia, Fiji, Indonesia, Kenya, Korea, and Nigeria, the volume illuminates the discursive grids on which education stakes its multiple truths.

The book's contribution lies in its undermining of a research-practice gap, in its opening of discursive space for an array of interdisciplinary methodologies, and in the multi-vocal utterances of multiply-located educational workers. Post-colonialisms, behaviourisms, feminisms, curriculum theory, educational psychology, poststructuralisms and strategies that are not yet name-able inhabit the text. As such, the text inhabits the present, illustrates the present and is the present - a multiplicitous, ambiguous present that calls on all of us to rethink our preferred frameworks for seeing and hearing educational truths.

Table of Contents

Timespace and Vision: technologies for seeing and educational research
Bernadette Baker

Refiguring Educational Truths

  • Authentic, mimic (wo)man, postcolonial...Re-thinking 'choice' and 'truth' in social science research
    Richard Wah
  • Development and validation of an instrument to measure perceptions of technology and its relationship with science amongst teachers
    Sophia MD Yassin

Reconceptualising Curricula

  • The Fiji school curriculum: Colonial, neocolonial, postcolonial
    Priscilla Puamau
  • Citizenship and citizenship education in new times
    Peter Bond
  • From second language acquisition to a social view of language
    Jenny Miller
  • The teaching and learning of complex reasoning: A perspective from the literature
    Phillip Moulds
  • Recent problems in Nigerian tertiary education policy: A critique and some recommendations
    Simeon Weli

Reworking Teachers' Work

  • The iceberg explored: Unexpected results in poetry lessons
    Donald Reiman
  • The intergral nature of extracurricular work
    Kathy Roulston
  • Split identities: Making sense of teachers' work
    Angela O'Connor
  • Struggle for Local Heterocultures: A lesson from Indonesian education reform
    Ella Yulaelawati

Relearning Learning

  • 'Where do you people get your ideas from?': Negotiating zones of collaborative learning within an upper primary classroom
    Raymond AJ Brown
  • Predicting students' motivational orientations: The importance of self-schemas
    Chi-hung Ng
  • In search of the truth: Assessment of a child with self-injurious behaviour
    Madonna Tucker
  • Teachers' predictions about students' memory strategies, knowledge and behaviours in years 3, 5 and 7
    Fatemah Arabsolghar
  • Structured off-the-job training: An analysis of one interaction between a communication teacher and an office trainee
    Ann Kelly

Reminding Authority(ies)

  • The differential implications of new technologies and globalisation on Kenya's stratified education system
    Daisy Webster
  • The continuing turmoil of Fijian identity
    Samuela Bogitini
  • Korean resistance to Japanese colonisation and its effect on Korean language utilisation
    Isaac Lee
  • Backlash or Backwash?: The politics of young feminist backlash in Australia
    Susie O'Brien


  • Thoughts without Closure
    Bernadette Baker, Chi-hung Ng and Madonna Tucker

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