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Seriously playful: Genre, performance and text

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Product Description

By Sharyn Pearce, Kerry Mallan

Published: 2004
ISBN: 978-1-876682-62-0
Pages: x+268
Imprint: Post Pressed


Seriously Playful is a collection of essays reflecting the interdiscursive nature of children's literary criticism.

Originally presented as papers at the 5th Australasian Children's Literature Association for Research Conference (Brisbane, 2001), the essays draw upon a range of critical theories, including theories of performativity and performance; linguistics; gender studies; literary studies; semiotics and art criticism; postcolonial theory; queer theory and film aesthetics.

The contributors interpret the theme through a remarkable performance across a diversity of children's texts and genres: poem, song, novel, picture book, computer games, and film.

Using sub-sections Words and Pictures; Gender and Race; Space and Time; Fun and Games, the end result is a seriously playful approach to textual analysis which is both stimulating and entertaining.

Table of Contents


Part 1: Words and Pictures

  • Chapter 1 'The Play's the Thing: The Ludic and the Ludicrous in Poetry for Children
    Morag Styles
  • Chapter 2 Voice and Authority: Poetry by Young People in a New Zealand Newspaper in the 1980s
    Jill Holt
  • Chapter 3 Performing Picture books
    Elizabeth Parsons
  • Chapter 4 The Three Little Pigs and the Arts of Playfulness
    Linda Knight
  • Chapter 5 Old Tale for New People: An Indonesian Curse Folktale Retold for Children
    Clara Evi Citraningtyas
  • Chapter 6 Words, Rhyme, Rhythm and Song
    Jennifer Rumsey

Part 2: Gender and Race

  • Chapter 7 Performance of Colour: Narratives of Passing in Contemporary Settler-Colony texts
    Clare Bradford
  • Chapter 8 Mum's the Word: Mother as a Poetic and Pregnant Signifier
    Vivienne Muller
  • Chapter 9 Funny Boys Make Strange Men: Male-to-Female Cross-Dressing in Children's Literature
    Victoria Flanagan
  • Chapter 10 No Exit: Performing Masculinity
    Roderick McGillis
  • Chapter 11 Feeling a Little Queer?: Performing Lesbian Desire and Identity in Youth Texts
    Kerry Mallan
  • Chapter 12 Moving Bodies
    Anita Jetnikoff

Part 3: Space and Time

  • Chapter 13 Revitalising the Past with the Present in Arthurian Retelling for Children
    Emma Yarrow
  • Chapter 14 Playing in Deadly Earnest: Phillip Pulman and the Endangered Child
    Lisa O'Connor
  • Chapter 15 Performing Difference: Young Adult Literature Post September 11
    Jo Lampert
  • Chapter 16 Performing the Past: Language and Ideology in Selected Historical Novels of Katherine Paterson
    Paul March
  • Chapter 17 Talking in Hobbit Tongue: The Lord of the Rings and Fantasies of language
    Susan Carson
  • Chapter 18 The Space of Play in the Novels of David Almond
    Anna Smith
  • Chapter 19 Performing Adolescence: Winners and Losers
    Diana Hodge

Part 4: Fun and Games

  • Chapter 20 When Harry Met Lara: Performing the Quest in Blockbuster Films for young People
    Sharyn Pearce
  • Chapter 21 'Doing Serious Work or Just Playing?': Computer Games and Pleasure in Subject English
    Donna McGrath
  • Chapter 22 Playing Adrian Mole: Parody and Performative Adolescence
    Heather Scutter
  • Chapter 23 Children's Play as Subversive Activity
    Jeri Kroll
  • Chapter 24 The Harry Potter Challenge of Children's Literature
    Jo Coward
  • Chapter 25 Performing Politics: Children as Conscience
    Margot Hillel

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