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Conference proceedings of Modern Science of Advanced Materials

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Product Description

By Alma Hodzic

Published: 2005
ISBN: 978-1-876672-84-2
Pages: 124
Imprint: Post Pressed

MSAM 2004 was organised for the first time to attract and gather the international high-profile science community under the umbrella of James Cook University in July 2004. The presented topics were in the field of Engineering Materials and ranged from the bulk civil engineering to the modern science of nanomaterials. The conference was ultimately successful, with the dedicated attendance of the invited and registered speakers who used the opportunity to establish long lasting collaborations in their fields of expertise. The organising team at JCU spent well-invested effort to provide the conference delegates with excellent venue and atmosphere, relaxed sessions, workshops in modelling and analytical investigation of advanced materials. The majority of MSAM candidates enjoyed winter sunshine of Magnetic Island on the second day, and the feedback from the conference was overwhelmingly positive.

In addition to our three-day conference programme in 2004, we have presented our MSAM 2004 candidates with high-quality conference proceedings. All science articles submitted for publishing in the conference proceedings were reviewed according to the current criteria established by Department of Education, Science and Technology in Australia. All MSAM 2004 articles are independently reviewed by the Members of MSAM 2004 International Committee, and MSAM 2004 Conference Proceedings are published in this title.

Table of Contents

MSAM 2004: The 1st International Conference in Engineering of Materials

  • Al/Al2O3 Metal Matrix Composites produced by Pressureless Infiltration
    A Zulfia and RJ Hand
  • Procedures for Predictive Large Strain Deformation Modelling of the Penetration of Brittle-Ductile Assemblies
    JG Loughran and SI Anderson
  • Fracture Behavior of Bioabsorbable Polymer and Composites
    M Todo, S Park and K Arakawa
  • Nanoscale Measurement of Thermal Deformation in Microelectronic Devices by Phase-Shifting Moiré Interferometry
    Y Morita, K Arakawa and M Todo
  • Properties of Polypropylene Fibre-matrix Composites
    S Houshyar, RA Shanks and A Hodzic
  • Thermogravmetric Analysis of Natural Cellulose Fibres
    S Ouajai, RA Shanks, A Hodzic and S Houshyar
  • Structural, Mechanical and Dielectric Properties of Polymer-Graphite Oxide Nanocomposites
    FT Cerezo, CML Preston and RA Shanks
  • Mechanical Crystallisation and Melting Behaviour of Poly(3-hydroxybutyrate)
    LMWK Gunaratne, RA Shanks, X Han and G Amarasinghe
  • Thermo-Mechanical Investigation of Advanced Materials and Pressure Sensitive Adhesives
    RA Shanks
  • Preparation and Thermal Behaviour of Polymer-liquid Crystal Composite
    X Han and RA Shanks
  • Hyperbranched Polyesters as Toughness Modifiers in Poly(L-lactic acid) - Natural Fibre Composites
    S Wong, RA Shanks and A Hodzic
  • 3-D Modelling of the Mechanical Behaviour of Laminated Composites Reinforced with a Satin Weave Fabric Using FEA
    T Sonet, R Li, A Crosky and D Kelly
  • Amorphous Materials and Metallic Glasses
    ZH Stachurski
  • Theory and Simulation of Plastic Deformation in Amorphous Glassy Polymers
    ZH Stachurski
  • Development of High Performance Vegetable Fibre-mortar Composites
    Z Li, X Wang and L Wang
  • The Study of Sliding and Rolling Wear Using Wear Debris Analysis Techniques
    CQ Yuan, Z Peng, XC Zhou and XP Yan
  • The Study of Wear in a Spur Gear Using Wear Debris and Vibration Analysis Techniques
    Z Peng, A Green and CQ Yuan
  • Application of GRIN in Wear Debris Monitoring
    Z Lu, HG Gao and X Yan

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