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Our adolescents: Issues for teachers, schools and communities

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Product Description

By Nan Bar, Kristelle Hudry

Published: 2002
ISBN: 978-1-876682-39-2
Pages: vi+206
Imprint: Post Pressed


Society immerses individuals in a complex web of contradictions. Each person experiences times in his or her life when the challenges of unravelling the mesh of influences on us, to find our own sense of direction and person, seems insurmountable.

For some of us, the challenge begins during a time roughly aligning to the secondary school years. For others, there is no clear boundary to the beginning or end of the challenge.

Amongst secondary school teachers though, there is a growing commitment to the notion that a part of the teaching role is to develop young people's understanding of themselves and to nurture them through times that can be pretty tough for some, at the same time as helping them to make the most of their academic and personal experiences at school.

The issues raised and the discussion offered here provide an invaluable resource for beginning and experienced teachers as they attempt to address and resolve the educational challenges that they face along with the young people in our society.

Table of Contents

Nan Bahr and Kristelle Hudry

Conference Themes

Keynote Paper: 2001

  • Suicide in the school community: Practical techniques for teachers
    Kristelle Hudry

Keynote Paper: 2002

  • The importance of information giving to enable teachers to identify children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
    Jennifer Lancaster

Occasional Paper 2002

  • Shoot your TV: Does television violence cause aggressive behaviour?
    John Finney

Papers of Distinction 2001

  • 'When I grow up I'm going to be a ...?!' Making career decisions in the new millennium: Where do adolescents go for information?
    Joanne Andersen
  • 'Don't be such a girl' - Unsubtle forms of gender construction and socialisation
    Andrew Armstrong
  • Identity formation of aboriginal students and the implications for teachers
    Maryanna Cox
  • Developing identity - What is the greatest influence?
    Nicole Currey
  • Busy families: How can teachers and schools promote parental involvement?
    Anna Dean
  • Gender and ethnical identity influences academic performance. How do teachers address this issue?
    Kerrianne Draper
  • When home and school become one: Home schooling and the adolescent
    Jeffrey Follett
  • The postvention of suicide in queensland schools: A practical guide
    Linda Frew
  • Suicide prevention programs: How early is early enough?
    Susanna Lynam
  • 'Only rich snobs like classical music!'
    Miriam Townsley

Papers of Distinction 2002

  • Eyes Wide Shut: Are we responding to the needs of adolescents who experience domestic violence?
    Sharyn Baker
  • The forgotten cohort? The Queensland State Education- 2010 document and the year ten student
    Melissa Hanlon
  • Connections for youth at risk of homelessness: A teachers role
    Rochelle Manners
  • It ain't all bad: Positive outcomes for pregnant teenage girls
    Deborah Perz
  • Contexts of alcohol use in high schools: A three dimensional model for teachers
    Jeffrey Price
  • Rogue identities and the possibility of critical rebellion in the classroom
    Robyn Prokop
  • ADHD: Meeting the criteria of students 'at-risk' - A legitimate disorder worthy of educational accommodation
    Mary Rose Taylor
  • Adolescent values: Who is influencing society's youth?
    Ben Ward

Abstracts: 2001

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