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Research into 21st century communities

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Product Description

By Bruce Allen Knight, Bernadette Walker-Gibbs, Jeannette Delamoir

Published: 2007
ISBN: 978-1-921214-24-0
Pages: iii+283
Imprint: Post Pressed


This edited collection reflects the relevance and quality of current work by the scholars and graduate students in the Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Education at Central Queensland University.

Its inclusive theme of 'Creative Communities' combines a commitment to performance, education and community partnerships in the arts and cultural industries, with a wider understanding of emerging technologies, institutions and audiences.

Under this rubric, three major domains of transdisciplinary research are addressed: global transformations, knowledge management and creative performance.

Here, once more, is the evidence of the research culture of a vigorous academic community of practice at work on significant contemporary and historical issues.

Table of Contents


  • Chapter 1: Introduction
    Bruce Allen Knight, Bernadette Walker-Gibbs and Jeannette Delamoir

Section One - Research Focus: Global Formations

Global Formations seeks to understand and explore the broad contexts, historical, contemporary and regional, in which globalisation influences both national and local cultures.

  • Chapter 2: 'Out of sight, out of mind': a comparative study of race and labour in the Mackay district, 1930s-1940s.
    Wayne Ah-Wong and Denis Cryle
  • Chapter 3: Gender and domesticity in Woogaroo Asylum, Queensland 1865-1869.
    Julie Bradshaw and Wendy Madsen
  • Chapter 4: Comparing Olympic coverage of Sydney 2000 and Beijing 2008: A preliminary cross-cultural analysis of two national dailies
    Mingjing Chen and Denis Cryle
  • Chapter 5: Problems and politics of a non-realist, fictional revisioning of the 1942 Darwin bombing
    Peter Kay and Wally Woods
  • Chapter 6: Press coverage of the Australian environment: A literature review
    Jane Macdonald and Denis Cryle
  • Chapter 7: Complexities of writing a Chinese based historical novel in English
    Peter Scottney-Turbill and Wally Woods

Section Two - Research Focus: Knowledge Management

Knowledge management consists of a range of practices and processes used to identify, create, represent, and distribute knowledge intended to lead to the achievement of specific outcomes including improved performance and higher levels of innovation.

  • Chapter 8: Bringing pedagogy back to the forefront of online teaching: Old principles, new medium
    Julie Fleming and Bernie Walker-Gibbs
  • Chapter 9: Pairs, peers and pep talks: Mentoring in contemporary times
    Teresa Moore and Pamela Gargett
  • Chapter 10: Teachers' engagement in change of practice
    John Meldrum
  • Chapter 11: Developmentally appropriate programming in a primary school: A case study
    Paul Richardson and John Dekkers
  • Chapter 12: Adapting Legal Principles to Clinical Nurse Practice
    Pam Savage and Bruce Allen Knight
  • Chapter 13: Conceptualising communities of practice through embedded professional learning in pre-service teacher education
    Rickie Fisher, Bobby Harreveld and Jenny McDougall
  • Chapter 14: Making energy a priority in schools: An evaluation of the Queensland Solar Schools Initiative
    Stacey Tabert and Ken Purnell

Section Three - Research Focus: Creative Performance

Creative performance emphasises the communication of identity and processes of self development through a range of creative practices including music, creative writing, digital media and dance - which encompass interwoven elements of culture, commerce and creativity.

  • Chapter 15: Looking, just looking: James Bond and the objectification and commodification of the human form
    Tanya Nitins and Jeannette Delamoir
  • Chapter 16: Parental bereavement: From grief theory to a creative nonfiction perspective on grieving the death of a young adult child from cancer
    Sandra Arnold, Wally Woods and Lynda Hawryluk
  • Chapter 17: Jazz education performance training: Contemporary jazz educators and performers perceptions of performance training in the 21st century
    Derrin Kerr, Glen Hodges and Bruce Allen Knight
  • Chapter 18: ABC People: The Making of Early Documentary Filmmakers
    Christina Hunt and Errol Vieth

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